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Monday, December 9, 2013

Decorations for the Christmas Tree

We finally filled the empty space set for the Christmas tree. 

Lit the first night we put it up. 
Since then we've added just a few touches. We make ornaments, of some kind or another, each year to put on the tree. Here are the ones we made this year. We think they are neat but, uh, not too pretty lol. 

These are the two I made.
These are Lee's ornaments.
Here are the two that Fox made.
We also strung popcorn, cranberries and cherries up to put on the tree. Each of us made our own strands. At first I thought I'd have a nice order of cranberry, two popcorn and one cheerio. Well the popcorn proved more fragile than I originally though so I changed the order. Lee chose just cranberries and popcorn; Fox went with cranberries and cheerios.

We didn't spray these to preserve them. They'll have to go after a few days, I suppose.

And that is the end of our decorating for the year! Done. No more. Nope. :)

1 comment:

  1. One year when I was a kid, we strung the popcorn and cranberries. I've never done it with my kids. That would be fun. :-)


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