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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some Outdoor Stuff & Messing with Photovisi

It’s been a good weekend. Minus the part when I woke up not feeling well so stayed home from church, had/have heartburn later and still have stomach issues tonight. The rest was great Smile

I mowed the backyard today- which is not a big deal really but I like doing it. Especially since we have a riding lawn mower. We have a very large backyard. I would not want to mow it like we used to- with a bag that had to be emptied ever two rows. Um, no…

Here are some photos from outside:

My garden area- in progress of course. The left is a somewhat ‘before’ photo and the right is what it looks like now. I got very exhausted and called it a day. More work to do tomorrow! *The background image Lee took a couple of weeks ago. That view will now be blocked, sadly, by a house that’s being built in our line of sight.


And here’s a wee little toad. Lee and Fox found it while moving some rocks away from the lawn. I moved it to a safer location. I hope!


Finally, here is our lone tree. I love this tree. It is tall and beautiful. Even in the winter I think it is beautiful. Someday I’ll even know what kind it is Winking smile


Thanks to Julieanne at Joy in the Journey for the heads up about Photovisi. There are a lot of neat features and templates there and it’s free!

1 comment:

  1. I can't see the tree well enough to take a guess what it is. Your garden looks like it is coming along. I also see you have a flat shovel and a potato fork... you're all set!

    I checked out photovisi... look fun!


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