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Monday, April 23, 2012

Current Events: Week of 4/16-4/20

We’ve got lots of news this week for you all to read. Hope you enjoy!

In Oklahoma, Wilma Nelson survived a tornado that tore through her town – the second tornado she’s survived. The first one was in 1947; it ripped through the apartment she was living at. She hid under a table that time; unfortunately, many others died from that tornado. Recently, on Sunday, another tornado came. Wilma rushed to a closet, trying to get her son’s dog, Sugar, in with her; Sugar resisted and ran off. Mrs. Nelson closed the closet door, just in time, just as the roof was torn off, sounding ‘like a bomb went off’. She survived uninjured, and Sugar was found later under some insulation, completely fine. The front door was unscathed, a cookie jar filled with cookies and candy for her grandchildren was in perfect condition. It’s a wonderful story, isn’t it? That that cookie jar was fine, and that Sugar was fine…! Read full story here.

A 6-year-old in Georgia was handcuffed and taken to the police station after throwing a quite violent tantrum. She allegedly threw furniture, tore things off the walls, knocked over a shelf; the principal was injured from this. The girl’s parents are upset, saying that a 6-year-old shouldn’t be handcuffed. I disagree; if the kid is throwing such a fit that someone gets hurt, then handcuffs are perfectly fine! Though, I do wonder what made her angry…? Read full story here.

A lottery winner in Michigan was charged with welfare fraud, after she continued using food stamps, though her lottery prize was $1,000,000. She figured that she could continue using them because she didn’t work. Really, lady? You’ve got a million dollars! You don’t need food stamps! Read full story here.

This is a bit interesting: ‘Walk a Mile in Her Shoes’ is a program to raise awareness for abuse against women. What’s so interesting about it? Men walk a mile… in high heels! This year will be the tenth year for it. Hahaha, guys in high heels…! Read full story here.

Oops, posted a bit late… Well, better late than never! See you again on Friday!


  1. Great post this week!
    Wonder if that girl will throw a fit like that again...
    Wow, $1,000,000 and *still* wants to use government assistance. Something is definitely wrong there.
    I know your last one is about more than torturing women with FASHION but think about all the 'abuses' women have endured for men- high heels being just one of them LOL. ;)

  2. I just started following your blog! Thanks for following mine as well. :) I hope you have a blessed week!

  3. I'm awed at Mrs. Nelson's courage. To rebuild your life, more than once. I've been frightened by much smaller things. And, it's terribly hard to face the same situation again. She seems to be living the meaning of a verse I discovered the other day in Psalm 18, "With my God, I can scale a wall." She has certainly proven that to be true!

  4. Great current events post! I find these stories very interesting, especially since I live, according to Himself, my dh, under a rock. :-)


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