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Friday, April 27, 2012

Current Events: 4/23-4/27

Hello! It’s time for Current Events again. We’ve got some not-so-important, but fun and interesting, ‘events’ today.

If you have a subwoofer (a type of speaker for bass sounds) and a tube, and water, you can make water ‘freeze’ in the air, or even go backwards! Want to see it work? Watch it here.

Another not-so-important article: Are you able to tell right from left right away, or do you have trouble? (I have lots of trouble…!) Scientists aren’t quite sure why some people have troubles; after testing, all they’ve figured out is that women tend to have more trouble than guys. Want to see how well you do with left and right? Find out here. Read full story here.

A very rare white orca whale, nicknamed ‘Iceberg’ for his color and size, has been spotted off Russia’s Commander Islands. Some footage has been released, and wow, how neat! He is pure white; according to Erich Hoyt, Iceberg is the whitest orca ever spotted, and the only male. See pictures and video here.

In Zimbabwe, when people talk about needing change, you think it would be about perhaps a change in leader (they’ve had the same one since 1980), or something like that. Nope. What they need is literally change – pennies, quarters, and the like. The currency they had been using had inflated so much that it was useless; so they switched to American money. But they have a problem; a dollar to them is a lot. Their average pay each day is one or two dollars. Since change is heavy, not much of it is shipped to them; and they don’t have enough change. Many people are forced to buy extras items to get the price up to a dollar. Things may be tricky right now, but don’t worry. Money always inflates; they’ll be looking for a different currency soon enough… Read full story here.

Arranged marriages: old fashioned, right? Well, in India, it stills goes on. And it’s a little more extreme. Kids are married when they are 2, 3, or even younger! Laxmi Sargara was married to a boy named Rakesh when she was only 1, and he was 3. Now, 18, her parents told her she had to move in with him and his family. But she didn’t even know she was married to him! Sargara filed for an annulment of her marriage; that’s not done often in India. And then… they accepted it! That’s a landmark for over there. I say, Hurrah, girl! Read full story here.

20 years ago, L.A. Elvira Evers watched from her house as a shoot-out started. She was seven months pregnant. A few moments later, she was shot in the stomach. A friend rushed her to the nearest hospital, where she had an emergency C-section. Evers was out for a week; when she woke up, her first thought was for her baby. She was sure that her child was dead. But no; her daughter had survived. Now, 20 years later, Elvira has a hidden scar from the bullet, and her daughter Jessica has a scar on her elbow. Jessica says that she wants to find her purpose in life; ‘I survived for a reason. I just have to find it.’ Her mother thanks God every day. Read full story here.

Okay, and one last not-so-important event: Check out this funny picture! A young bear wandered onto the campus of a local college, and had to be tranquilized to get it away.

That’s it! Wow, a lot longer than usual… Hope you enjoy! See you next week!


  1. I did enjoy! It is nice to read "not so important" events... so much more pleasant! These were fun :D

  2. You found some really neat articles - my favorite was the white orca whale - Amazing!


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