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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival…4/7/12

CM-blog-carnivalI’m so excited to be hostessing the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival this time! Thank you for stopping by my blog to spend some time digging deeper into Charlotte Mason. The theme this edition is “Foreign Language” but of course, all CM posts are welcome. Shall we get started? Indeed!

Foreign Language:
Lanaya from Delightful Education shares how their family has gone about learning Latin and Spanish. She also includes some resources that you may find useful. “The ideal way of learning a foreign language would be to have a native speaker live with us (or maybe just come to our home several hours a week) or to live in the culture of the language we are learning. After all, our kids seem to be learning English pretty well living in America. –Lanaya”

Nadene from Practical Pages rightly points out that we need motivation to learn a second language. Her family is learning Afrikaans. She gives some good tips for teaching a foreign language and recaps Charlotte Mason’s approach. “Ultimately we all need this motivation to learn a new language – to use it for effective communication. –Nadene”

Christine from Zing☼Day describes how she has been continuing her family’s exposure to the Portuguese language. It may be tough but stick with it! She also gives some resources for using with any foreign language. “Rather than teaching my children a foreign language, I'm hoping for a closer connection. I'm hoping to teach them a second language. –Christine”

Amy from Fisher Academy International shares how for her and her family living in a location where Spanish is spoken, still requires work and study to be able to be fluent in this second language. She shares some goals, resources and words from Charlotte Mason. “What I needed was a completely customizable curriculum, that could be used for multi-level and multi-age groups!  That is a tall order, but it's filled by none other than Charlotte Mason ala Gouin! Oh yeah! –Amy”

Nature Study:
Barb from Handbook of Nature Study shows us how to organize a nature notebook with notebooking pages. This would work well with those who follow the Outdoor Hour Challenges. “If you start this system with your child's notebook, they can keep adding to it from year to year with ease. –Barb”

Karen from Red Letter Living shares photos of her boys enjoying nature and words from Charlotte Mason. Beautiful post. “With a broad smile beaming from a dirt-smeared face, my youngest son excitedly tugs my hand and points to the ground. He has found a big black ant. –Karen”

Art Study:
Tiger’s Mum from The Tiger Chronicle takes us through their study of Japanese master, Hokusai. This post shows how Tiger and his mum become immersed in art study. “As with many great artists, Hokusai was a versatile artist in that he was very skilful in many different forms of art, the most significant ones being ukiyo-e and woodblock prints. –Tiger’s Mum”

Sarah from All That’s Goood shares her “Artist Study Helper” covering Matisse. Included are art lessons, notebooking pages, Montessori cards, and a biography. “There is so much in this little e-book you could spend a whole year on it, or you can just choose one or two activities you enjoy and do those. Whatever you do your children will love looking at this colorful artist. –Sarah”

Other areas of interest within CM living and learning:
Jimmie from Jimmie’s Collage asks the important (CM) questions when considering a curriculum. “Curriculum decisions can be downright stressful. For Charlotte Mason homeschoolers, though, there are guiding principles that aid us as we evaluate curriculum. –Jimmie”

Allison from Adding to the Beauty talks about the connection she’s seen between Legos and handwriting for her boys. She kindly gives some resources as well as poem suggestions for handwriting practice. “I will continue to encourage neatness in handwriting, try not to cringe at his "effort", and keep a hopeful lookout for five-tiered Lego battle cruisers produced by his apt and willing hands. –Allison”

Nancy from Sage Parnassus shares with readers how visitors are welcome to take part in all the activities when they come to ‘observe’. It’s definitely a place I would love to visit! “They get to sit with us, look at art with us, sing with us, narrate with us, paint with us, listen with us, eat with us, observe with us, be still with us... –Nancy”

Please visit the Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival next time! Feel free to submit your post for the upcoming carnival also.
Upcoming carnival will be 5/1:
Theme: Overview of CM's 20 Principles
Additional Reading (optional):CM Series: vol 6 pg xxix & in chart comparison format with modern English
PR Article: P.N.E.U. Principles As Illustrated by Teaching
Schedule of upcoming carnivals found here:
Submit posts to upcoming carnivals here: charlottemasonblogs (at) gmail (dot) com


  1. Thanks for hosting the carnival this time around. There is such a nice variety of posts...looking forward to reading each one. :)

    1. Good posts, indeed! I loved having everyone here :)

  2. yay! thanks, blossom! :)
    looks great, can't wait to get around to everyone's posts!

    amy in peru

    1. I got to read them first! I really like being the hostess :) I am going to read them again ;)

  3. Thanks for including my little post. I feel honored! Since I'm new to this blogging thing I have a technical question. Do I need a HTML to embed the lovely CM Blog Carnival button so I could attach it on my blog and redirect others to your page? Thank you.

    1. Thank you for participating! I appreciated your post. You can find the html for the button here
      I just copied and pasted the image from a previous post :) but the code would be better possibly.

  4. Hi! I missed the submission deadline for this carnival, but Amy suggested I should post the links to them here. Please do come and have a look!


    1. Thank you for including them here. All posts are welcome ;) I finished reading your first post and going to part 2. Thanks again!

  5. Thanks so much for hosting! I look forward to spending some time this weekend looking at each post and getting some great ideas from all of these wonderful home educators.

  6. Thanks for presenting this carnival! It looks rich!

    From joy to joy,


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