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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Book Review: It Could Happen Tomorrow by Gary Frazier

It Could Happen Tomorrow: Future events that will shake the world by Gary Frazier
ISBN: 9780892217113
Paperback, 185 pages
Publisher: New Leaf Press
Retail: $12.99
In this review I will give some points from the book, chapter by chapter and end with my thoughts. I won’t cover everything from the book.
Are we living in the last days? Current events indicate that Old and New Testament prophecies are being fulfilled. Dr. Gary Frazier, a top prophecy scholar, pastor, speaker and author,  identifies key indicators along with Biblical references that explain the demise of America, the coming Islamic invasion of Israel, nuclear weapons in Iran, and more. 
In this updated release of It Could Happen Tomorrow: Future Events that Will Shake the World, you will: 
  • Discover what the Bible reveals about the end times
  • Separate fact from fiction about the end of the world
  • Learn important Biblical signs that the end is near
  • Recognize America’s place in Biblical prophecy.
-From New Leaf Publishing Group website
This book covers the Great Disappearing (or Rapture), America in prophecy, the birth of the New World Order, the Islamic invasion of Israel, the Great Deceiver, global religion, the Temple rebuilt, the ‘Mark’, and the Glorious Appearing.
In the great disappearing Frazier discusses the origin of the term “rapture” as well as scriptures that correspond to the rapture. In defense of the word rapture, which does not appear in scripture, Trinity does not appear in scripture but is held by almost all Christians to be a valid word. Frazier contrasts the rapture to the great appearing- 15 differences (pages 22 & 23).  Later he discusses the 3 main views  of the rapture and tribulation- the timing of the two in relation to each other. According to Frazier babies will be raptured...later though he says that it is ‘born-again’ individuals only.
Next he tackles America in prophecy (chapter 2). He does tout America as possibly the greatest country on the planet (page 35). He feels that America is not referenced in prophecy because the Bible canon was closed in 325 ad. References in the Bible in regards to locations are from the standpoint of Israel in the center. Frazier gives some interesting possible reasons he doesn’t feel that America is included in prophecy- one being that America is destroyed before tribulation, either by enemies or from within.
The Birth of the New World Order (chapter 3) refers to the alliances made and that will be made in the European countries. Frazier goes through quite a history lesson for us readers as to the formation of this union. He also uses scripture to back up his view that it is prophesied. I won’t go into the history of the European Union (EU) here but I did find quite a bit of information that I had not before known. These alliances will make way for the invasion of Israel by Islam. How?
According to Frazier, most of the EU is sympathetic to Islam- either outright or by refusing to fight against it (page 81). He also helps the reader to see the different nations mentioned in the prophesies and how the relate to the nations of today. On page 82 he lists the ancient name and the modern name of these nations. For example, Rosh in the Bible is now Russia; Persia is Iran; Gomer is Eastern Europe; etc. How did he come to these conclusions? He traced their descendents from the book of Genesis as well as consulted historical documents. Frazier points that the union of these nations will result in the invasion of Israel, only partly because Ezekiel 37:21 says, “I will take the Israelites out of the nations where they have gone. I will gather them from all around and bring them back into their own land.” Jews are returning to their ‘homeland’ in record numbers. Frazier then moves on to talk about the three fronts of Radical Islam. One way is by words and actions that in our politically correct culture will not allow for anything but wishful thinking. Frazier says that Radical Islam, like Hitler, has already laid its plans out for the world to see and most are ignoring it. Another way, according to Frazier, is through overpopulation by Muslims. Sheer numbers will defeat the West. The final front is economic: lowering the value of the US dollar (page 88-92).
Frazier goes on to discuss the Great Deceiver, the Antichrist, which he says scriptures fairly say it will come from within the EU (no, he doesn’t think Obama is the Antichrist). He will definitely be an imposter but people will be fooled- many very easily. Frazier does not believe that true believers will be here to see or know the Antichrist. Frazier strongly believes, but points out that it is his opinion only, that the Antichrist may even be homosexual (page 105). Five ways that the Great Deceiver will be recognized are 1) he will rise to power from the old Roman Empire (which Frazier says is the current EU), 2) he will come after the rapture and will enter into an agreement with Israel, 3) he will be cunning and offer peace internationally, he will be intelligent and the ‘consummate politician’, 4) (I think this goes along with #2) he will reveal his plan after the Holy Spirit is removed, or after the rapture, and finally, 5) he will have the ability to rule over the entire world, possibly because and through technology (page 107-110).
The next chapter, Global Religion, goes on to talk about the “can’t we all just get along” of religions- but he doesn’t say it that way. The quest for religious unity will play a part in the Antichrist’s plan. Specifically, Frazier sees the Roman Catholic Church as facilitating this plan by “extending an olive branch to Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and even the New Age religions…(page 114)” He says that the Roman Catholic Church has been trying to build
“inroads and partnerships with world religions of every stripe and color, no matter how diametrically opposed they might be to the teaching of Christianity, and the Bible. Their goal is not so much to unite a diverse set of independent beliefs, but to bring the world’s religions under the guidance and leadership of the Pope (page 114).”
The Pope in 2008 at the interfaith conference held in Washington, D. C., was emphasizing the Catholic Church’s goal of uniting the religions of the world based on the common ethical values and common pursuit of peace (page 115). Frazier says that the Catholic Church will play a part in the end-times prophecy. He then gives a history of the Church and then ends with the statement that it has become an avenue for the False Prophet through the ‘pulpit’. But the Antichrist will not need this ‘puppet’ for long and in Revelations 17:16-17 we read that it will be destroyed shortly after it is used.
The Bible often uses women to represent religions. Frazier tells that the “Bride of Christ” symbolizes good religion and a harlot represents evil religion. Frazier says this is how the conclusion that the Catholic Church is the evil woman in Revelation 17:5 has been reached. He goes on to say that all the religions of Babylon, as the woman is called Mystery Babylon, used idols in their worship. Frazier points to Catholicism’s use of rosaries, statues of Mary, and the worship of Marian apparitions. He also says that Rome sits on seven hills as the beasts seven heads are seven hills; coincidence? Frazier thinks not. He finishes that chapter with more reasons why he feels the Catholic Church will be the tool that is used by the Antichrist; I’ll not expound any more on that.
In chapter 7, Frazier discusses the Temple Rebuilt. He starts with scriptural misconceptions concerning the destruction of the Temple and the fulfillment of prophecy. Then he talks about how the Temple might be rebuilt. Finally he discusses the Jews vision of the Temple Restoration.
Very interestingly, Frazier thinks that the Mark will have something to do with technology. Revelation 13:15-17 says that the False Prophet will be able to make all to have a ‘mark’ on their right hand or forehead that will allow them to buy and sell; it is the name or number of the beast. In order to get the mark (so that they can buy or sell) they must first worship the Antichrist. Frazier goes on to say that he doesn’t believe that during Tribulation those who accept Christ will be able to ‘accidentally’ or unknowingly get the mark; it will be ‘engraved upon’ those who worship the Antichrist. It will be a choice (page 141-142). From here, Frazier gives a glimpse of a new, still being tested technology of bluetooth ‘cell phone’ implants. It is slipped under the skin and works like a smartphone. The reason he talks of this is because the technology of our time is so advanced that it is truly difficult to keep track of. Frazier believes that the once sci-fi notion of one individual ruling the world is more than ever possible- because of technology. He moves from this technology talk to the eradication of cash; using technology to buy and sell. With cash it is easy to get by without government interference but with a cashless system, government could monitor- and control- it all. It would become global. He ends the chapter by discussing Radio Frequency Identification (RFI), smart cards and implantable chips to drive home his theory of technology being the “mark” of the beast.
Chapter 9, The Glorious Appearing, Frazier ends the book with these topics: the Joyous Judgment of the Saints, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the Rapture Part Two, the Battle of Armageddon, Judgment of the Antichrist and False Prophet, Triple Destruction of the Earth, During the Millennial Kingdom and After, and the Benefits of the New Jerusalem.
And now my thoughts:
Very interesting book. I’ve not read anything like it before (I don’t read many books like this). There are a lot of numbers and names (locations, countries, etc) in this book and I got lost in some of it (rather, I couldn’t make myself focus on the details). That said, I did find it to be quite interesting. I won’t say that I felt Frazier has it all together and I buy it all but he definitely made some good points.
I don’t believe that babies will be ‘raptured’ (and Frazier himself says that only ‘born again’ individuals will be), although I have no problem with the term ‘rapture’- it’s an appropriate word for being caught up into the clouds (1 Thess. 4:16-18) and was used in the Latin Bible that translations were taken from.
I’m not as convinced that America will not have any part in the prophecies but Frazier’s points are all good ones. I don’t follow his line of thinking that America is not to be considered because the Bible canon was closed long before the institution of America. Regardless of when the canon was closed, God has a plan in place- just because it was written by individuals in a certain area does not mean that it pertains to those areas only. If that were the case, the Bible wouldn’t refer really to many other than those in the areas where Jesus and the disciples were. Frazier definitely puts in some good points about how America could be taken out of the equation- but if it were, it’s all part of the plan.
His ideas about the EU are interesting as well and as I really am not too into current events, I learned a lot of tidbits from that section of the book. Moving onto how he feels the Catholic Church will be a facilitator of the Great Deceiver is not something that I haven’t heard before. Also the possibility of the Pope leading people to follow the Antichrist is plausible to me. I’m sure many people will not be happy to consider that. Something that I thought about while reading about the ‘idolatry’ in Catholicism made me think of Christians who use a cross- it is the same thing that all should consider. Truly it is. Think about it.
Using technology as the ‘mark’ is not a shocking possibility, because of the vastness of today’s technology. There is so much and so all encompassing, many would be 'lost’ without it. And it makes a lot of sense to think along the lines of Frazier on this point.
Overall, I found this book to have a lot of good points. He also says that prophecy is often neglected to be taught in churches but I suppose I’ve been in the few that have not neglected this topic. I have always been interested to learn more about what will happen. Of course, no one will know when. We cannot. I appreciated that Frazier refers to Scripture when putting out his thoughts and ideas on these matters. He doesn’t just say, “I think it is this way because this is going on.” No, he says, “The Bible says this which refers to such and such or directly relates to this idea.” You might like this book if you are intrigued about prophecy being fulfilled.
I received this book from New Leaf Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review. All opinions stated are my own. No compensation was given.


  1. Hmm. I don't think I would have picked this one up on my own, but it does sound thought-provoking. My denomination doesn't delve too deeply into prophecy, but I've always thought it an interesting topic. And I see several things you mentioned from the book that I've thought about before. So, maybe I need to check this one out.

    1. This was definitely a book I wouldn't just pick up myself. I guess I chose it for lack of something better ;) As I was reading it, however, it made me get out my Bible and reread those prophecies; taking another look.


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