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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hands of a Child Asia Note Pack- A Review

We are used to a living books approach to our school so working with this note pack was a little different. Pretty much all the information that is needed to do the activity sheets (the notebook pages) is included already- just needs to be read. The information is very straight forward and a lot of what we have already studied, because of this I thought it might be somewhat repetitive for my 7th grader. But he does enjoy notebooking. 
Suitable for grades 4 and upfor upper grades I would say it is a supplement at best.
This Note Pack is 63 pages total, $14.00 as a pdf download (with other options available, such as print and/or CD), includes:
  • suggested schedule
  • 5 referenced books
  • links to other resources such as Enchanted Learning –but links to HOAC Mesopotamia and Africa did not work (can easily be searched)
  • bibliography includes more resources –books and links
  • 2 Asian craft how-tos
  • activity ‘instructions’basically is a question to help the student understand what they need to put on their activity page
  • 19 pages of information
    • people, language, religion, government, climate, geography, economics, animals, history, regions, vocabulary
  • 22 activity pages
  • answer key to all activities
I appreciated that all the images are in gray-scalethank you! saves on printing. Especially since I printed the entire Note Pack.
You can see a sample of this Note Pack at Hands of a Child website. I encourage it, go ahead. I’ll wait for you…Winking smile
Perhaps the only thing I had an issue with is that the Table of Contents suggests there is additional information {probably for a lapbook} and reproducibles but the Note Pack does not contain these items; the TOC isn’t clickable either. We’ve only done lapbooks once or twice so the omission is okay with me {after all this is the Note Pack} but that it is mentioned in the TOC but not there is a little odd.
I preread the entire Note Pack and pretty much decided to go along with the suggested schedule. Thankfully, since this is a pdf, I can print what we need later as well {I chose not to print out the animals pages}.
Since my son is older and does a lot of work independently, this was also done independently. Each day I had him read as was suggested in the schedule. At the bottom of the readings I put the activity page that corresponded so that he could do it afterward. Everything was hole punched and put into his three-ring binder. He also does narration of what he read and/or what he put on his notebook pages.
We used this by itself because as mentioned earlier it has information we’ve already gone over. Reinforcement never hurts.
Overall, I like the Note Pack. It is organized well and includes all that is needed (information wise and notebooking pages) to do a ‘unit’ on a particular subject. The fact that we’d already covered the material doesn’t detract from the product because it was presented in a different way. The notebooking pages helps my son to focus on what he is working on and ‘reliving’ it, I suppose. He doesn’t seem to consider it ‘work’.
I would like to have seen more resources listed, such as books and/or links for researching but that could be because that is what we’re used to. We look up books and links to find the information- generally it’s not all right there for us.
I would definitely be interested in other products that Hands of a Child offers- next time I’ll make sure it’s not something we’ve already covered Winking smile
Have a visit to the website to see all that they offer. You can follow them on Twitter and on Facebook.
Bringing Laughter and Learning Together in the Hands of YOUR Child!
Mail: 3271 Kerlikowske Road, Coloma MI 49038
Phone: 1-866-Hands-01
Fax: 269-849-2643
***Disclaimer: I received the Asia Note Pack from Hands of a Child for the purpose of giving an honest review. No compensation was given. All opinions stated are my own or those of my family. See Disclosure/Policies.***

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