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Monday, February 20, 2012

Back to School- Week 25

Trying to recall if Week 24 was recorded here or anywhere else {besides the kids’ planners} and I don’ think so. I’m not going to do that now. So as not to risk getting farther behind {at least with recording the doings} I’ll just move on to this week. I have a post to write about our ‘field trip’ on 2/13 …but honestly, not sure when that’ll happen.

It’s Monday. This week actually is going to be full of review items at least for Fox {some regular books/subjects are still to be done}; Lee only has 1 review item.

Here is Fox’s work:
Bible: Reading Deut. 29; verse Romans 12:1-4; Who Am I?, read pages 46-57, do pages 36-37 in notebook
Math: Saxon Algebra 1 Lesson 3, #1-12
English: Jensen’s Grammar Lesson 19; Progeny Press, The Bronze Bow, chapters 1-4, pre-reading activity #5; Reading Eggspress
Logic: The Art of Argument, pages 5-7
Science: The Sciences pages 208-218; Creek Edge Press Task Card #3 (reading about levers)

And here is Lee’s work:
Bible: Reading Joshua 6; verse Colossians 3:1-22
Math: Life of Fred Advanced Algebra Lesson 6
English: Excellence in Literature (draft pertaining to Around the World in 80 Days); Everyman FINISHED {finally Winking smile}
History: Western Civilization, review of chapter 13, quiz
Current Events
Foreign Language
: Greek Level 5, Lesson 9

Since I didn’t get the weekend to plan the schedules like I’d hoped, we are somewhat winging it. I have TruthQuest History to get into our schedules some where. I’m still trying to figure it out- how to use it. Now would definitely be a good time since I scheduled nothing for Fox for history and Lee just finished a chapter… Perhaps I will do that right now. Winking smile

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