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Friday, August 19, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday


1. We are moving into an awesome house! It hasn’t really been that long since dh got his new job (June 27th) but it feels like forever. At least all is going well for us to be into the house by September 23.

2. I took a photo of my living room because when I look at it I just laugh. It is trashed!


But I also think it is funny that I get so upset that it looks like that when it takes just 5 minutes to remedy. I’m working on not sweating the small stuff! (And working on getting that spare mattress in the trash….! the kids and the cat love it.)

3. Day two of no sugar is going well…but I feel somewhat like a failure because my original goal was to not have the artificial sweetners either. I haven’t had those for probably more than a year. But of course now that I am trying to not have sweets, I want them ReAlLy BaD! I am drinking a Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper as I type this…

4. Today was a weird hot day. Not really hot but more muggy which made it feel hotter. My knees were clammy and sweaty and the kids told me that I was pretty much crazy.

5. Lately I want to get creative and put items in my Artfire shop but it happens late at night. So late that generally I cannot possibly cut a straight line. I am thinking that I need to write down my ideas an do them first thing in the morning. Makes perfect sense. Right now.

6. There are just too many good memes and link-ups lately. I want to participate in all of them…but lol don’t want to do the work (like if it is a Wordless Wednesday meme, I don’t want to find a photo or image OR I want to TALK [what part of ‘wordless’ don’t I get??]) so I’ve chosen a few this week. Actually it seems like they are all today.

7. Super excited to be getting review items soon. I am hoping for two good books to review from New Leaf Publishing, one (maybe two) items from Timberdoodle, and some things from TOS Review Crew. We have been playing the game Tri-Cross here and love it…my review for that will post the week of September 19th (26th at the latest!). I love being part of a review team. I love trying out new items/products but really something I love e.v.e.n. more is the writing that I have to do for the review on my blog. I’m really into writing again lately. I have quite a few ‘pieces’ to a book (rather a short story) I am in the process of writing.

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  1. I completely understand about the no sugar thing. I quit drinking caffeinated drinks this past Monday. It has been hard. I love my Mountain Dew and Coke. But, I'm going to stick with it for as long as I can and then just have one every now and then! Hang in there.

  2. I WISH I could have a room cleaned up in 5 minutes. Ha! Ha!

    I stopped drinking soda for about 2 weeks, but I seem to have fallen off the wagon. Rats. I need to find my way back.


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