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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Taking the Plunge! My Home Based Business & a Fundraiser

It's been awhile since I have thought and thought about it but I have decided to take the plunge with a home based business. I just cannot take working for someone else, plain and simple. I have had various different jobs since I first started working in 1995 (a few years ago, huh?) from fast food, to housekeeping, to customer service, to bus driver. My ultimate career choice is to be a teacher and what do ya know, that's what I do with homeschooling :) But I also want to contribute to finances without leaving behind homeschooling.

I actually 'started' my business in 2005, with Stuff-A-Friend traveling parties. The timing was all wrong and although I was still an independent contractor I did not promote my business. In 2007 SAF was bought by Noah's Ark Animal Workshop. Because I was a previous member with SAF, they rolled over my status to NAAW. It was great news for me but again, the timing just didn't seem right again.

Recently there was a great deal for Party Leaders (my title with NAAW) and I just had to act on it. That is what got me to really thinking about this home based business that I started (but did nothing with) in 2005. It is a great opportunity. It isn't just about making money for me; it's the actual job- working with kids and a diversified clientèle. There isn't inventory to keep (unless you want to), the hours that are available are totally up to the 'owner' (aka: me) and the company is great with support and service.

If you haven't clicked on the links yet that I've included here's what I'm talking about:

Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop was founded in 2003 when founder, Dina Amico-Kriescher, enthusiastically joined the birthday party entertainment industry with a personal Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop business, conducting party workshops throughout the southwest suburbs of Chicago. With her workshop party business booming, along with support and professional assistance from her family in 2004, she launched the national opportunity to entertain children and guests of all ages by creating magical, life long memories through hands-on party entertainment, while offering independent representative a home business that is fun, flexible, and profitable. Today over 5000 independent Party Leaders have jumped aboard Noah’s Ark Animal Workshop making it one of the fastest growing party plan companies in the nation.

There are a lot of opportunities available now for working from home, or a home 'based' business. I think this one is wonderful.

I would love to do a fundraiser for my local public library (they are in need of expansion, more activities for children, and more variety for the different reading groups). If you would be interested in helping out a library continue to grow and provide more opportunities for their patrons, please check out my website: Blossom's Noah's Ark Animal Workshop. I am contributing 20% of all sales to go to the library. I'm not marking up prices to make that 20%...it's all going to the Goshen County Public Library (you can find them on Facebook also!).

Just really quick I am going to post a few of the cute, fluffy animals that are available from NAAW:

Hope Bear. This is one of the first stuffed friends I personally bought when I became a Party Leader with NAAW. She is soooo soft! And those dots, those are hearts! One of the bigger cuddly friends at 18", she's great!

Hip Hip Hippo! This is a very new one this year. Hippo is a 14" stuffable friend. Isn't 'he' cute? *I say he but who says it can't be a she!?*

Sox Cow. This is one that I am sure would be a great hit here in the Midwest...who doesn't want a cow? And such a cute, cuddly one! Sox is 15" and ready for stuffin'

You can check out the online flipbook at my website, where the cuddly friends are organized by themes, or parties.

Available also is "Noah-to-Goah", for when you don't need a Party Leader to host a Noah's Ark Animal Workshop for you. Say you only have 1 child, or maybe 2, that would love to stuff their own cuddly friend. Order a "Noah-to-Goah" and it comes with everything that is needed to stuff. You can find these through the Flipbook and click on the name or image to add to your shopping cart.

If you know anyone that would love a new cuddly friend to stuff themselves (new meaning for 'make new friends') then take a look at what NAAW has to offer.

**If you live in the area of Torrington, WY, I am available to do in home parties, or at a location of your choice. I am not able to offer mascot appearances by Mojo & Cuddlez. If you are outside of the area of Torrington, WY, please check for a representative near you, or visit NAAW home website to be put in touch with one near you. I apologize for any inconvenience.**


  1. How wonderful. Exciting. I hope it brings you lots of blessings.

  2. I wish you all the best in your new endeavor!!!


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