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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

30 Days of Thanks {Days 23-26}

Days 23-26 for that which I am thankful:

Time spent with family.
Board games and trivia.
Lots of good food for the Thanksgiving 'weekend'.
A stocked pantry.
That the school semester is just about over and done with.
Online shopping.
Coupons to help with said online shopping.
An absolutely wonderful husband.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

30 Days of Thanks {Days 17-22}

This November is just flying by! Here it is already a few days before Thanksgiving. Here are some things I am giving thanks for, days 17-22:

Piano- I know I put it last post but I am very thankful for it. It is so nice to hear my kids playing it. They work together to play new pieces, and while they practice for their piano lessons. It may be one thing that they do not 'fight' while doing together! How could I not be thankful for that?! 

Book discussions- on the Ambleside Online forum there is a discussion on Charlotte Mason's volume 2, Parents and Children, that I am enjoying participating with others on the forum. I appreciate the perspectives offered.

Food- much food. I take it for granted that we are able to buy and try so many different kinds of food. My son really likes to make things (mostly sweets), and I enjoy cooking new dishes. It is something to be thankful for that we have the means to be able to buy and cook good food.

Smart phone- I have put off getting on for so long. But now that I have one, I am grateful for it. There isn't a lot that I need it for but it is nice to have to be able to check the internet when there is free wi-fi, since we don't have internet at home any longer. It is also nice that I can put convenient apps on it. It is definitely not a necessity but it is nice to have.

Safe travels- on Thursday night I decided to go to a mom's night out 30+ minutes away from my house. The weather said there would be snow flurries through the time I would be gone. Well, it was right- for my house. In a matter of minutes the weather outside went from little flurries to a white-out. When I left I wasn't sure I'd make it home, honestly. Thought I might have to call my hubby to come bail me and the car out of the snow! I could not see the edges of the road! Anyway- I got home safely, albeit almost 30 minutes longer than it should have taken. 

Staycations- this Thanksgiving we are not going anywhere. It will just be the four of us at home, enjoying each other's company. I'm very much looking forward to it.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

30 Days of Thanks {Days 11-16}

One thing I am thankful for is that no one is actually waiting for me to post these thankful posts! My internet is scarce so it's always days in between posts. 

Here are days 11-16:

PIANO! We picked it up yesterday. 

Thankful- so extremely so- that dh was able to help us move it. We had hoped there would have been a group of younger guys to help move it, as dh has a bad back. It wasn't in the cards so he insisted we do it ourselves. My two kiddos, myself and dh. We did it! We are more awesome than we thought ;) lol {Dh is very sore, though so if any reading this feel inclined to include him in your prayers, it would be very much appreciated.}

Library! I haven't been able to actually check in the forum but for a peek here and there for too long. 

My dh, who is absolutely wonderful. Just love him to pieces. 

Vacation for dh coming soon, when our small family will spend the holidays together making memories.

Good sermons at church that connect and are directly from the Word of God.

Hee hee...for some reason I'm feeling all giddy with thanksgiving. Smiles as I type because I'm just in a good mood. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

30 Days of Thanks {Days 8-10}

Days 8-10:
Thankful (again) for the library, even when I have to wait to use the computers smile
For the beautiful day today. I took two walks: One in the morning with my kids, and one later with just my son. Wonderful to be able to do that- being well enough to do the walks and the weather so nice to boot!
For leaves that still litter the ground, with their many colors. And tiny pine cones.
For sewing little rabbit dolls, just because they are so cute.
Book discussions to get more insight into what is being read.
Did I mention such a beautiful day? Yes, I know I did. So very thankful for the gorgeous day!
We have a thankful tree at church and so many of the little tags that have been added are from the young ones at church. Thankful that they have a thankful heart- so many say they are thankful for family and family members.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Book Review: The New American Herbal {Blogging for Books}

ISBN: 978-0-449-81993-7
Paperback, 384 pages
Publisher: Clarkson Potter
Retail: $27.50

About the book: 

From modern garden master Stephen Orr comes a new, definitive book on herbs to finally replace the dusty and outdated classics. Here are entries on hundreds of plants that are extraordinarily useful in cooking, homeopathy, and more; dozens of recipes and DIY projects; and beautifully styled photographs so you know just what you're growing.
With more than 900 entries, each accompanied by brand new photography and helpful growing advice, The New American Herbal takes the study of herbs to an exciting new level. Orr covers the entire spectrum of herbaceous plants, from culinary to ornamental to aromatic and medicinal, presenting them in an easy to use A to Z format packed with recipes, DIY projects, and stunning examples of garden design highlighting herbal plantings. Learn about the herbs you've always wanted to grow (chervil, chamomile, and lovage), exotic herbs (such as Artemisia, the bitter herb used in Absinthe, or the anti-inflammatory Meadowsweet), and ornamental varieties (Monkshood and Perilla). For cooks there is indispensable guidance on planting and maintaining a bountiful kitchen garden and crafters will delight in dozens of exciting new uses for fresh, dried, and distilled herbs. Here, too, are 40 delicious recipes such as Ragu Bolognese with Fennel and Lemon Semolina Cake with Lavender, as well easy steps for projects such as a hanging herb garden and instructions on how to plant, dry, and preserve your garden’s bounty.
Meticulously researched and exhaustive in its scope, The New American Herbal is an irresistible invitation to explore the versatility of herbs in all their beauty and variety.

About the author:
STEPHEN ORR is the author of Tomorrow’s Garden and the former Editorial Director for Gardening for Martha Stewart Living. Previously he was the garden editor for House & Garden magazine and has written extensively for Domino,The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal. He has been a regularly featured gardening expert on The CBS Early Show and Today, and lectures at garden clubs around the country. Orr writes about extraordinary gardens on his blog, What the Skies Were Like.

My thoughts:
Great book for reference. As can be read in the 'about this book', it contains diverse listings of herbs. For each herb the author has included recipes, DIY projects, how/when/where to grow, positive and negative characteristics of the herb, and other aspects. An example is that at the start he tells how to make dyes. Each herb also has photographs of it growing, how it's used, or in other appealing ways. As soon as we received the book, my daughter sat herself down on the kitchen floor to flip through it. Almost 30 minutes later she was still there! 
The recipes are kinds that we've never really tried before but they definitely look interesting and are tempting to try. We also appreciate the cultural and historical information that is included about the herbs. 
All in all, we would recommend this resource for others who are interested in herbs, their uses, growing them, or just for information's sake. The price is pretty reasonable for the size of the book along with the color photographs. 

***Disclaimer: I received this book free from Blogging for Books for the purpose of this review. The opinions stated are my own or those of my family. See Disclosure/Policies.***

30 Days of Thanks {Days 4-7}

Days 4-7:
Thankful for morning walks with my kids.

Thankful for the supplies to cook healthy and yummy food. Also for a family that is willing to try new foods.
A piano! Thankful we found one in very good condition at a price we were willing to pay.

Monday, November 3, 2014

30 Days of Thanks {Days 1-3}

It is that time of year again. When people put what they are thankful for 30 days. We are thankful every day, no matter the month, but this helps us focus a bit more on what good we have in our lives.

I am not joining up with any other 'thanksgiving' bloggers this time around as my internet is sporadic at best. Here are days 1-3:

Thankful for a wonderful library system where I live since I've lived many places that did not offer much.
Coffee- warm or cold
For some internet connectivity at home, albeit limited and only temporary. 
Like-minded individuals and groups to share ideas and glean from.
Sugar-free, gluten-free 'brownies' for breakfast.
Coffee. cheesy grin
God's wonderful provisions.
Crisp, cool mornings.
Jobs for hubby, daughter and son.
AO forum.
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