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Monday, January 26, 2015

Menu Plan Monday {01.26.15}

Menu for the week...

B- Pancakes (I made them with 1/2 millet flour and 1/2 white flour for the kids; for me I made FP Easy Mix pancakes. I ended up adding an additional 1/2 TBS oat fiber and 1/2 TBS protein powder because they were so ...gummy...? Tasted good though; I'm just picky with texture.)
L- Tuna sandwiches (tuna mix has mayo, mustard, olives, pickles, Mrs. Dash, shredded cheese; I made bread following the Bread in a Mug recipe from THM, but I subbed egg whites and omitted the flax. Instead I used 1 TBS parmesan cheese and 1 TBS Pristine Whey Protein Powder. It was truly 'white' bread!)
D- Mixed Bean & Quinoa soup with cornbread (GF)

B- Baked Blueberry Oatmeal (I made this the night before and halved the recipe since it's only for 3 on the weekday mornings.)
L- Chili-Dog Pie (We've had this before for dinner and the kids and I really liked it; hubby not so much. That's why it's a lunch this time *smile* You can see the recipe on page 7 of the latest Weekly Barden.)
D- Chicken Wraps (super super simple. Cook up chicken tenderloins, or any kind of chicken, with spices. Let cool some then put on a tortilla, top with cheese, lettuce leaves, and add a drizzle of ranch dressing. They usually have two of these apiece.)

B- Breakfast Casserole (found this online a while back {apparently can't find it now!} and while it has way too many eggs in it, it sounds like it might be somewhat tasty. Sausage, cheese, and a 'bread' texture tossed in? Worth a try. Sounds more like a quiche type dish in a casserole dish. )
L- Bean "Burgers" (honestly have no idea how these will turn out... Another experiment *smile* Yeah, you know my family loves me.)
D- Tuna Turnovers with side salad (This is the same tuna mix for sandwiches but put into yummy biscuit dough and baked. Yummy.)

B- Oatmeal or Mix-n-Match Smoothie (I'm sure there's lots of people who do smoothies all the time. Not us. And not when it's so cold out. But the kids don't care for oatmeal, so I'll give them the option.)
L- Leftovers
D- Beef stew with garlic bread (Fox made the French bread himself on Sunday; haven't decided what kinds of veggies to have in the stew yet...)

B- Cereal
L- Leftovers 
D- Homemade Pepperoni/Sausage/Black Olive Pizza (I am going to make a coconut flatbread crust for myself and have some pizza. It's been too long...)

B- Eggs/Fox's choice (since it's his day to make breakfast, he can choose something; for me and the Warden it'll probably be eggs)
L- Meat and cheese sandwiches with tomato, avocado, and lettuce
D- Steaks and side salad (we have Omaha Steaks in our freezer, might as well use them!)

B- Eggs
L- Church luncheon- we are bringing Arroz Imperial (from Not Just Tacos), peas, and ice tea
D- Crockpot Italian Chicken with veggies

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Reading List on the Net {01.24.15}

This one is going to be quite short because I'm trying to be a little more focused. I do have a tendency to go hog-wild on things, then drop them all together. I'm also tired this afternoon and reading on the net doesn't work well when I'm tired.

There apparently was an AO Conference back in 2005 held in Texas. As I didn't even know about AO, I didn't know about it. Reading through some mother's feast posts and threads and such, I came across the recordings of the conference. You can find the MP3 downloads for sale at SoundWord for $5 each. There are 7 of them.

As they downloaded, they opened automatically on my computer so I only got to listen to snippets of the first six. I listened to the entire seventh recording. Here are just a couple/few things I took away from that one:
Two things to teach our children: Who God is and who we are. They need to know these two things.
God gave us children so that our joy is to be full. Hold your children until they let go. If we have things that are just for the having, get it out and use with family!
Traditions. She talks about doing things together that, even if simple, make a family.
Ceilidh- party with a twist. Have to contribute to the party.
Those are my notes from listening. Very sparse as I didn't think I would be listening to the entire thing. I had insomnia at near midnight and was able to listen to recording 7 in its entirety. You can find more notes at Ambleside Online's website. Most of the time I think I should not get online when I have insomnia, especially not on sites where I can make a purchase. But this is one that I am happy with having made.

As it turns out the one I listened to was the longest! (From AO)
Introduction & History - 33 min
Charlotte Mason Dramatization; Songs - 38 m
Some Elements of Charlotte Mason - 43 mn.
Question & Answer - 38 mn.
Scheduling 1 - 34 min.
Scheduling 2 - 42 mn.
An Atmosphere and a Life - 58 min.

I am looking forward to listening to more. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Self-Enrichment for the Mother?

In one of the "Reading List on the Net" posts I linked to A Mother's Feast Link-up at Strong Haven. I haven't made a post to contribute because while I think the subject is a great one, I am unsure how I can contribute to the link-up. Because that is what a link-up is for to share something that will be of benefit to others. At least that is my understanding.

I've given this post the title of self-enrichment but it is referred to as mother culture in Charlotte Mason's Parents' Review articles. 

Is self-enrichment the same as a mother's feast? I think today many would use the term 'self-care' in place of 'self-enrichment', and while I really don't know if that is a worthy substitute, I really liked Lizzie's description and her invitation:
What is mother culture, you ask? I think it is purposefully stepping outside of the moment, considering something outside our own immediate sphere for a brief time. It is acknowledging the fact that we Mothers are also people, people with minds and souls and bodies that need wise tending...I very much want to keep growing, to remain available to a busy man who wants someone delightful to talk to or an attentive girl who is just discovering the allure of creating beautiful things...We can talk about what we have learned, about how we managed to make the time to read or journal, about why it’s important to not let our minds and souls grow stale. The posts can be practical or philosophical. You can be encouraging and optimistic or poignantly introspective. You can write about your goals or your accomplishments. But please lets acknowledge the hope and purpose of steady, purposeful self-education.
I am going to attempt to participate in this endeavor. Each of the things we do in our lives, the books we read, the people we choose to interact with, and everything else should make us a better person. Not better for ourselves necessarily, although I do think that comes with it; but for others.

Brandy calls this Scholé, while there are many who may call it Me Time (or Mommy Time):
If the worst form of Me Time is sinful self-indulgence, then the best of scholé is selfless soul-improvement. Scholé isn’t just about rest and peace, though those are at its core. It’s about becoming better than we already are. Learning something. Doing something. Loving something. It’s being stretched and challenged and encouraged, that we might fill up and overflow. It’s gaining new knowledge and, with it, a vision...Scholé is the pursuit of truth. Of goodness. Of beauty. It seeks not private advantage, but the advantage of the whole world. While selfishness coddles the crumpled little grasping soul, scholé seeks to expand, to challenge, and to improve.
Honestly, I do not know what each post will contain at this moment. But as Katie says, "There is such insight and wisdom in the world. It is literally waiting for us to come and find it. We can be intentional." That's what I want to do. Intentionally pursue truth, beauty, goodness; to grow so that I am more available to those around me.

Reading List on the Net {01.22.15}

How could I not add "this one's by me" blog to my reading? There is only one post but I am truly looking forward to more. After all, I am a bit partial to the authoress of that blog...

Some thoughts on Richard III. Unfortunately, I didn't pay enough attention when I learned about him in school (my own or the kids' apparently!). We are reading Daughter of Time at the AO forum and I'm learning a lot of interesting things!

Some DIY gift ideas, both at the same place. Stationary Kit and Baking/Cooking Kit. I can see doing this for both the kids. For other people for gifts as well.

Young women, motherhood, and education; that is the theme in these posts: Habits and Motherhood at Learning to Live; Thoughts on Education for Young Women at the Common Room. Both have book titles that I'd be interested in having a further look.

Nature Study. There are quite a few areas that are lacking in our CM homeschool. Nature study and Shakespeare seem to be the two most dominant at the moment. I'm always reading others' suggestions and pining over their experiences. I really like Tammy's suggestion of setting a temperature limit. We often feel like it's too hot or cold- but it rarely truly is!

And speaking of CM and education (two common topics here), Mama Squirrel linked to Andrew Kern's post titled "For Gold's Sake," where he says that people "need the bread of angels and we give them only the husks of pigs." Wow. Good read.

Reading that made me think back to another post I read recently by an Australian CM homeschooler. Her's is about the Education Manifesto. After searching, here is the post from Journey and Destination with CM's quote on Science of Relations, which means there's more to life and learning than making money.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Reading List on the Net {01.20.15}

Nature is good for the soul. Indeed! This post brought to mind what dd and I had recently read in Charlotte Mason's Volume 4, and wouldn't you know, Joy has quoted just what I was thinking!

Blog planner. Like I need any more planners. Of any sort. I'm liking my BuJo (bullet journal) very much but still like to look at these planners. I've used Mama Jenn's planners before and they do help me when I use them. They are nice because you print out what you need and don't have to worry about all the pages that you don't need.

A link up pertaining to nourishing the mind and soul. I'm such a skimmer though that I have to bookmark this and be sure to read it in its entirety. (Wouldn't you know- Joy's post is linked here!) A new blog to follow also :)

Obama proposes free community college. I just cannot see how this is a good thing. "So how will this be funded? President Obama proposes that the federal government fund three-quarters of the average cost of community college while participating states contribute the remaining balance for eligible students." Granted it will be huge savings for college students but where they save in their education they will be paying for, literally and figuratively, in other areas. And this: "According to the White House blog, by 2020, 35% of job openings will require a bachelor’s degree while 30% will require at least an associate’s degree." The mandating of college degrees is uncalled for; many professions that require the degree, skills necessary are learned on the job anyway.

Trying to pin all the blogs I follow in one place is becoming increasingly confusing. I follow blogger blogs, wordpress blogs, and even some that are on their own platform (Big Marker? Weebly?). I don't know where to put them all so I can see them in an orderly manner. Anyway, while I was searching through blogs, came across this Blogging 2 Learn blog that has some tips/tricks for blogging. Putting it here so I can find it again.

And pertaining to keeping blogs in one place: Feedly. I was directed there and have created a category for the blogs I want to follow. Super easy. Well, it wasn't so super easy to add them all but super easy to find and read them now.

We are in 'need' of a good dictionary at home, and a thesaurus as well. Someone recommended I have a look at the differences of prescriptivist and descriptivist dictionaries. Quite interesting, and now I'm not entirely sure which kind of dictionary to add to our shelves. Actually, I think I'll look for both. But if I am understanding it right, there really is only one kind now: Descriptivist. Of course, there's always dictionaries online, but I want a physical copy.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Menu Plan Monday {01.19.15}

Menu for the week of 01.19.2015
Very simple and a lot like usual.

B- Cereal (off plan) / French Toast in a Bowl (E) there's one online that is an S; I tweaked it to make an E -maybe I'll put the recipe down someday
L- Ham & cheese sandwiches (S) on flax bread (it's called bread in a mug in the THM book)
D- Chicken with veggies and a roll (E without the roll)

B- Banana Cream Cake (E) we all really liked this from last week.
L- Leftovers
D- Salad with cheese (S)

B- THM Pancakes (E)
L- Egg salad sandwiches (S) on flax bread
D- Soup with grilled cheese sandwiches (CO if  I get sprouted bread, but for me it'll be more likely an S because I'll use the flax bread)

B- Oatmeal (E)
L- PB&J sandwich (off plan) / mine will be made with the jelly from the book and flax bread (S)
D- Mac & cheese (off plan) / er, no idea what I'll have

B- Cinnamon rolls (off plan) / eggs (S)
L- Taste of Thai (S)
D- Chicken enchiladas (off plan) -although I may attempt to make this into a casserole without the tortillas; then it might be a CO

B- Cereal (off plan) / eggs (S)
L- Tuna turnovers (off plan) / if I make these with coconut flour flatbread for myself, I could have these be an S, otherwise I'll have the tuna on salad (S)
D- Hot dogs and baked beans (off plan)

B- Eggs (S)'s always eggs for Sunday breakfast!
L- Church luncheon- we are bringing a hot pasta dish and homemade garlic bread. (I'm really unsure what I'll be eating on this occasion...)
D- Pork and veggies (S)

The shopping list for this week should be quite small as we have quite a few items already. Things on the list include:
shredded cheese
sliced cheese
string cheese
peanut butter
elbow noodles
enchilada sauce
relish (optional- I've had my eye open for some for awhile now)
tortillas (maybe not; Fox put them in the cart!)
hot dog buns

Here's the week's groceries. The items crossed out above I realized we already had on hand. And we picked up a few extras that weren't planned, such as pears, avocados, string cheese, crackers, mushrooms, applesauce, cookies, and soup. If I stuck to my list we'd have spent less but we'd probably be wondering why we had no snacking foods! Cookies are for tea time on Friday; for the kids, not me. :)

I don't know what kind of dish we are bringing Sunday for the pasta so will have to wait until the week's end to buy those items.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Reading List on the Net {01.14-18.15}

"And with any luck, the word will settle back into its original meaning, sans the unsolicited remix of dominant white culture." Perhaps I am too sheltered but I don't hear much of the culture words used. The word 'bae' apparently was a term used by blacks, much like 'honey' is used by...well, just about anyone. The little post was interesting to get a glimpse of words crossing cultures; I'd like to hear about more words that have crossed.

Colleges are needing to offer many remedial courses because students entering are at 6th or 7th grade reading levels. "The study also found that most high school graduates don't do much with mathematics past eighth-grade compared to students in other high-achieveing countries." Here's the study that Campus Reform used to get their information: Renaissance Learning. (from the foreword of that study: "There is no drug experience that compares to reading The Hobbit for the first time, at the age of twelve. Or The Wind in The Willows at any age. Or Anne of Green Gables or Maniac McGee, or a million other books just waiting for you to find them, and millions yet to be written." -Rodman Philbrick)

Having never believed the "I went to heaven and here's what I saw" stories, I'm not surprised that the "co-author" of The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven has recanted his story and is saying that he didn't really die or go to heaven. And it's just a play on words here but it was all "Malarkey". And having never been to Pulpit and Pen, I'm looking around the site more because this statement in the referenced post: "The Bible is enough. The Bible is sufficient. Christ is enough. Christ is sufficient."

Putting these here because I want to read them but have to work on school at the moment:

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Reading List on the Net {01/14/15}

Making or breaking a habit. I clicked on this because while cleaning up my papers the other day (hoarding is a habit I am trying to break), I found CM's steps to habit formation (most likely copy/pasted from the AO forum):
1. Commit ourselves to the time and energy required for the task. Do not being until we are committed.
2. Pray for strength and perseverance.
3. Talk with the child; form a mother-child team determined to acquire the good habit.
4. Don't allow the old bad habit, or, expect the new good habit.
5. Remind the child as needed, in a way that keeps mother and child on the same team.
6. Challenge the child to excel, if appropriate.
7. Permit NO reversion.
8. Guard the habit.

Overlapping, interlocking connections of life. At the CMI blog, Leann Burkholder talks about a holistic education- a CM one, of course. And here's a blog post by a CM-graduate that touches a little on Karen Glass's Consider This, a great book. But why I posted here is because I really like how both talk not about how this education affords them great test scores, but how it allows for growth and relationships. Something that is missing in many people's lives. Also both of these show how CM isn't just for the K-12 education: It is for life.

Food...just because it's good, or good for you, doesn't mean we need to consume it to excess. Here's two posts about this: Jaque & Briana Thomas

Veterans who were homeless in New Orleans get homes. In a challenge put forth by the First Lady, many states have vowed to end homelessness of veterans. New Orleans was the first to succeed in that challenge.

And another about education: Making kids read at early ages isn't always the best practice. Common Core requires pre kindergarten and kindergarten students to learn to read to facilitate stronger reading in the future. Unfortunately there is no research to back this reasoning as accurate and positive, and more evidence against the practice.

Bloggers don't need a niche. I don't guess I have a niche, and according to Amy, it's not necessary. My blog isn't for the purpose of making money, or further my reach. But reading her post, it's got me thinking that in writing (blog or otherwise) there needs to be a focus. At the end of post, she gives four ways to help find focus. I just noticed the post was written in 2012. Not that that really makes a difference. Focus is still good.

"If you do not fail often, you're not trying hard enough." I'm not sure I like or agree with that statement. Saw it on a twitter post.

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